Independent Photographer based in Béziers. Photojournalist for the music press (Rocksound, Rolling Stone, Groove…)

Daniel Mielniczek was born one cold December day in Cold War Warsaw, Poland. Aged four, unable to tolerate the goings-on in Prague, he left the Soviet bloc, and crossed the Iron Curtain to settle in Paris, France. Upon leaving school, diploma in his pocket, the wild rhythms of Rock and Roll thrust him into the lifestyle of an inveterate night owl. The harsh light of day finally caught up with him in the form of a rent bill. Astride his trusty Vespa, he embarked on a promising career as a courier for the financial press. His encounters with the workers of the printer’s union allowed Daniel Mielniczek to understand that the world is not black and white, which is why he has chosen to take his photographs in colour.

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  • September, 2019: “Oman”, Nelson Mandela Centre for International Relations, as part of the “What a trip!” Festival, Montpellier.
  • February 2019: “Oman Travel Notebook”, Centre Franco Omanais, Muscat.
  • July 2017: “Un an de chantier” (A year on a construction site), outdoor exhibition along the public walkway leading to the Fonseranes Locks, Béziers.
  • June/July 2011: “Bouts du Monde” (Ends of the Earth), André Malraux Multimedia Library, Béziers.
  • January/March 2006: “Dark”, La B.A.N.K. art gallery, Paris.

Publications & Residencies

  • 2020: Oman Impressions (Magellan & Cie.), with Géraldine Garçon.
  • 2020: Cuisines d’Ailleurs (Magellan & Cie.), with Émilie Hammel and Géraldine Garçon.
  • 2019: Artistic residency at the Centre Franco Omanais in Muscat, in partnership with the French Embassy in Oman and the Photographic Society of Oman.
  • 2016: The Journey Ahead: ending the H.I.V. epidemic (Editions Atlas, Sweden), with Ophelia Haanyama.
  • 2010: “Là où le Brésil va…”, illustration for the magazine Manière de Voir, n°113.

Personal Projects (selected)

  • 2021: “La Mer”, photographic research project along the Mediterranean coast.
  • 2021: Les Folies Gruss (equestrian circus), La Compagnie Alexis Gruss – performance photography.
  • 2020: “Un chat dehors”, photographs taken in Béziers during lockdown.
  • 2015: Zambia, photo-reportage to provide illustrations for Ophelia Haanyama’s second publication.
  • 2010: “20,000 kms”, photo-reportage during a road trip in the Southern Cone of Latin America, from Santiago to Rio de Janeiro, via the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Selected Commissions

  • 2022: Corporate commission; photo-reportage and staff portraits for SEPALE, an energy transition company.
  • 2018/2019: Photo-reportage for the La Cimade Asylum Seeker’s Reception Centre, Béziers.
  • 2016/2017: Photographic journal documenting renovation work on the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Fonseranes Locks on the Canal du Midi, Béziers.

Press Publications

  • Le Figaro, Phosphore, Le Monde des Ados, L’Obs, Le Point, Télérama, Midi-Libre, Elle, Guitarist, Rolling Stone, Groove, Rocksound, Rock&Folk, Hard’n’Heavy (amongst others).
  • Photographs distributed by Dalle and Réa Photo Agencies.

Portfolio of work from the Artistic Residency in Oman. Partnerships, exhibitions, press book (published in Oman and in France) and the book “Oman Impressions” –  pdf : download